Ways to Get the Best Gaming Experience For Console and PC

Ways to Get the Best Gaming Experience For Console and PC

Imagine you just had a perfect shot, but just when you had the perfect moment to take the shot, your game starts lagging again. This happens when there is something wrong with your internet connection. You can determine the same that can really affect your gameplay by your latency, connection, and the internet speed that you have.

For many people, playing the games on a console means getting better graphics and a more relaxed gaming experience while for people using smartphones and PCs it is all about achieving better controls. There is also a chance that you get either of them from any device you use. In every case, you need to understand the type of internet connection you have and the speed you might get from them. Let’s look at the following factors that you should know about your internet connection:

Know the Terms “Latency/Ping”

Latency is also known as the amount of time it takes for a console to send a message and receive a response in return. The ping rate is a way to determine lag which is the evident delay between the action of a player/character and the reaction you get from the server. Lag becomes a problem for gamers and causes the screen to freeze or stutter a bit. Also, it can cause constant signal dropping which can become a real pain at times. In many cases, gamers are penalized for getting off the game early or just sitting idle. This causes a lot of frustration for gamers at times so make sure that you should maintain a ping of around 15 to 20ms. This is something ideal for many gamers.

Fiber Internet Connection for Gamers

Another factor that determines how much latency you can expect. This gives you a reason to get the internet connection that you might want to buy. The game you are playing shows the internet connection status and the ping rate in the settings. Many games show you the ping rate at the end on your scoreboard. One of the best and fastest internet connection types for gamers is fiber internet services. Fiber is one of the fastest internet connections with information that can get transmitted to different users at a hyper-fast speed.

Cable Internet Connection for Gamers

This is the second-best preference for gamers around the world. You can find them easily with speeds that go up to 1 Gbps and uses a shared connection. This means that you might experience a slower internet service in the evening when your neighbors get online at the same time. In such conditions, you can expect a cable internet ping to get around 20-50ms. This depends on the download speed offered by your plan.

If you want to have a better gaming experience, you can subscribe to Spectrum internet, as it provides you with the ultimate, lag-free gaming experience. It also doesn’t require you to get into a contract. To make sure that you don’t stumble upon an internet connection that ends up being a pain, follow the steps:

Test Your Internet Connection

This is one of the most important steps to follow when it comes to solving your connection issues. You have to get an idea of how fast your internet connection is performing. A few resources are capable of testing your internet speed. You can use different tools that can provide you analytics about download and upload speeds as well as the ping in relation to different servers throughout the world.

Once you get the information about your internet connection and what your internet is capable of. You can determine if there is a problem with your router or its settings or whether the ISP you are getting services with is providing services that they promise to provide.

Make Sure That You Configure Your Router

One of the most common solutions is to set up port forwarding. You can find this in the router’s menu. You have to consult the manual on ways to access the feature. This differs from router to router, but once you get into the menu, you can go on following the instructions from brands like Microsoft, Sony, and others to configure settings for each console. You can also look at the different game and gaming equipment reviews on programs offered by Xfinity TV Packages.


At times, lag and connection issues become inevitable. This happens mainly when you are using Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, traffic congestion during peak hours, or some glitch in the game. If you stay persistent and follow the instructions, you can get a perfect gaming experience for yourself.

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